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Being the wrong @stevebaker on Twitter

December 16, 2021Final Jeopardy

I'm looking at my notifications on Twitter, and they're pretty ugly. @pressuresounds writes: "@stevebaker is a liar and a hypocrite...." Others lambast me for Covid policies, Brexit, chumminess with Boris Johnson. It becomes pretty clear that hundreds of people on Twitter confuse my tag with that of @stevebakerHW, a prominent British member of parliament, a Tory and a Brexiteer. When I first signed onto Twitter, in January of 2008, the platform was relatively new, and I had what I believed at the time was good luck. I could establish an address with my name, with no numbers or other flourishes. I was the first Steve Baker, or at least the first who wanted to call himself that. Now I'm paying the price. My notifications are overwhelmed with angry Brexit and Covid tweets from the UK. I tried to minimize the damage by blocking @stevebakerHW. But that just kept a single MP from communicating with me. What I need is a way to block every tweet intended for him. That job is beyond even the highly-touted AI of a social media giant.

My namesake (left) with Boris Johnson


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